Interview #6

Hi Cat a warm welcome to my humble abode.
Thank you for having me! It's an honour to be here. ^_^

You've been blogging for a long while now, tell me, what is it about blogging that made you stick with it?
It's a mixture of things. I think the main reason is simply because I love blogging and it's became a normal part of my life over the years. It does sometimes feel like a chore if I'm running low on ideas but I always get my passion back as soon as I've had a little time away. I think because I've been at it a good chunk of my life I would miss it a crazy amount if I stopped. Also, I get amazing feedback from readers and a lot of support which keeps me motivated.

You've very cleverly named you're blog "Through a Cat's Eyes", but if you had to choose any other title what would it be?
Oh wow, I have no idea! My blog started out as "What I've done today" (lame, I know) so I guess if I hadn't thought of "Through a Cat's Eyes" it would still be called that.

Imagine this, you're stuck on an island, completely deserted when you find a tea pot washed in with the waves. It happens to be a genie lantern, he grants you one wish for any object you may fancy (but you cannot wish for more wishes). What is the wish?
Awesome question :D We got asked a similar question in my primary school year book when I left and as far as I remember I said I would wish for a kettle.... Somehow I think my answer has changed since then. :P Now I think I would wish for a phone with unlimited call time and texts so I could keep in contact with my friends and family until I get off the island. I wouldn't go insane if I had someone to talk to.

In your opinion what makes a great blogger?
Someone who is completely individual and true to themselves; someone who doesn't conform and try to become popular by doing what they think is "right" , someone who doesn't really care what people think of their blog. I think that these things just come with time because I find that some new bloggers think that there is some sort of formula that makes a good blogger, but there really isn't. It's all about being yourself. :)

Besides blogging what are your hobbies?
I'm obsessed with paying ukulele.... I have a pink uke called Gus and he is quite literally the love of my life.  I also play piano (my keyboard is called Fletcher and my piano is called Margo...)  but I kinda go through phases of playing a lot then not playing at all for a while. Of course I also love reading and watching films but the weather's been picking it up a bit recently so I've been spending more time out with my friends :D It's quite sad but I'd say I spend most of my time watching YouTube videos, I found YouTube in 2009 and got sucked in. I still haven't found my way out of that black hole. O_O

You are given the chance to design one room in The Night Circus (have you read the book?) , using all of your creativity, uniqueness and magic, describe this tent in the circus. Remember there are no limits.
I haven't actually read The Night Circus I'm afraid..... :(

What are your aspirations for the future?
Questions like this scare the hell out of me because I quite literally have no idea. Emma Blackery recently made a video saying that it's okay not to have an ambition and not to know what you want out of life, which made me feel a lot better, but I'm still feeling rubbish about not knowing where I'm headed.  :( if money was no issue then I would happily spend my life renovating houses and old derelict buildings, along with designing houses for my friends and family.... I'd love to be an interior designer but at the same time I have a real interest in politics. .... I'm so confused >_<

Thanks Cat!
Thank you for having me! :D



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