The Gallagher Girl series

This is a series of 5 books (unless, of course, she's writing more.. actually I think she is..) by Ally Carter. The first, titled "I'd tell you I love you but then I'd have to kill you" introduces us to Cameron Morgan, who's perspective the stories are told.
We learn fairly quickly that Cammie is no ordinary girl, with her being able to kill a human in several different ways, speak 14 various languages, hack into government files and crack CIA codes. That is because she attends the supposedly snobby Gallagher Academy for Exceptional young Women while in fact is an all-girls boarding school for spies!
(I mean how cool would it be to go to a spy school!.. Totes!)
Even with her extraordinary skills she faces a problem when she meets an ordinary boy who thinks she's an ordinary girl.
This was such a good book when I read it first but now after reading all 5 it seems so simple. Each novel just keeps getting better. The plot is absolutely incredible. I think that whole storyline begins in the second book "Cross my heart and hope to Spy"
After being "debriefed" about her relationship with an "ordinary boy" in a top secret underground location, Cammie returns to school to find  a lot of security measures in place and a whole lot of her secret passageways closed. The East wing is blocked off because of "fumes from the chemistry lab have travelled through the air vent and contaminated that area."
The mystery evolves when Cammie realises that the air vent from the chemistry lab does not travel to the east wing!
We are introduced to Zackery Goode and other boys (These ain't ordinary boys either), while Cammie and her friends try to find out as much as possible about them and their link to the East wing.....
Moving on to the third: "Don't Judge a Girl by her Cover".
Unexpected happenings make Cammie look at the world differently when during summer break she visits Macey, one of her friends who also happens to be a Senator's daughter, in Boston expecting to be watching Senator McHenry run for presidency but soon finds herself trapped in a kidnappers plot with only their espionage skills to save them.
The events in Boston haunt Macey and Cammie when they're back to school for their junior year. Shocking secrets and old flames lurk everywhere as Cammie and her friends struggle to answer their unresolved questions.
What they thought they knew is suddenly turned upside down and is a whole lot bigger than anticipated. "Only the Good Spy Young" the 4th of this thrilling series reveals the only way to move forward is to dig deep into the past. Cammie is left confused and terrified when one of her most trusted allies and teacher is actually a rogue double-agent.
Finally some answers are made possible and Cammie learns some truth.
I finally was satisfied with my new found information and expected everything to be clear when I read the 5th "Out of Sight out of Time" but once again a new twist was uncovered.
Cammie found herself in a convent on the Alps with no memory of the Summer!


These are incredibly exciting and gripping tales and a must read. The characters are very distinguishable from the way it's written so you could almost hear Bex's British accent. These books are full of humour, fast paced and really left me on the edge of my seat!


  1. I absolutely love this series! There will be a 6th book and I think it is the last :( And I totally agree with you, the books just get better and better!


    1. Oh goodie! Can't wait for the next book
      Marian :D x

  2. I only read the first three (or was it the first four?) and quite enjoyed them. Anyways Marian mdear I'm dropping by the blogs of everyone who entered my comp to ask: if you were a runner up and had to choose between receiving a fashion design (clothes and jewellery) or a hair+makeup design (hair, makeup and jewellery) as part of your prize, which would you choose? Note: this does not mean you are a runner up, as the comp has not been judged yet, it is just theoretical!
    Please email me at
    Thanks, Emily xx

    1. No probs! I'll send an email very soon. What exactly do you mean when you say "fashion design" and "hair+makeup design"???
      Marian :D x

  3. WELL, I do fashion and makeup designs. The fashion one is full body with clothes, jewellery, shoes and simple hair. The hair+makeup one is a closeup of a girl's face where I draw a hairstyle, jewellery and do her makeup.


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