The Typical Celeb!

Hello to everyone and hope your having a good day!
Any Celebs amongst you?
I  only recently learnt that celebs aren't that different to you and I. Well sure they get to go to party's, walk on the red carpet, have their picture in magazines and get paid more than I will ever have but pfft so what!
They are normal people too! (maybe not all normal but who's perfect)
I love books, craft, baking, drawing, photography and so do Celebs!!!!
Can you believe it?
Celeb#1 Taylor Swift
Swiftly Baking!
Yes that's right. She bakes:
I'm so happy. She's one of my favourite celebs and best of all we have something in common!

Celeb#2&3 Kristen Stewart and Sarah Jessica Parker
Kris Knit and woolly jumper Parker

Knitting during breaks on set
I know Kristen's picture isn't very clear but those sure do look like knitting needles.

Celeb#4 Zooey Deschanel
She nails it
with her awesome tuxedo nails!
Whether she did them herself or professionally, she has a creative side
I love it how I share some interests with the stars



  1. This is sooo cool! I can't belive Taylor swift bakes, I now love her even more :)


  2. I know!!! I never thought she'd be interested in something like that. I've always admired her and her songs but now I have even more respect for her :D x

  3. I know!! It's like when I went to a Cathy Cassidy book signing the other week, it was really surreal! I've only ever seen her inside her books and on the internet and stuff like that, so it really amazed me that she was an actual person!! Sounds really dumb but it's true!! Great post!<3

    1. You're so lucky, i've NEVER met any authors! I still can't imagine any of my favourite author as real people with their normal lives! It seems so strange!
      Thanks!! :D x

  4. I love all the catchphrases like she 'nailed it'! Yes, celebrities are just like us, they are normal people with un-normal lives! I would love to be a celebrity but would still like my privacy(Guess that's impossible)

  5. By the way there is a new competition at my blog if you want to enter??

    1. I'll give it a shot but honestly I'm not great at storytelling. I've always had difficulty with it. So don't expect it to be a "21st century short story classic"! ;D
      hmmmm this may take a lot of thinking....
      Marian :D x

    2. Don't worry, it'll be great!


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