Dream Catcher

In Native American culture, a dream catcher is a handmade object based on a willow hoop, on which a loose net or web is woven. The dream catcher is then decorated with personal and sacred items such as feathers and beads.
To me a dream catcher is something pretty to hang on my wall.
So I made one myself.

It was really simple and a great gift idea. Each one is unique and nearly anything can be added to it i.e photos, ribbons, buttons.
I started off using and empty sellotape role and wrapping pretty wool around it.
The bigger the circle the better as it will spread the feathers out. I made some sort of  a net in the centre of both circles and attached feathers as so. I connected both using plaited wool.

Hang it over your bed or somewhere in your room to get rid of bad dreams!

I really love dream catchers and all things crafty. If you've made anything like this comment or add a link if you have a picture of it.

As you can see I have a wool collection because of the many times I've tried knitting. I've never been very succesful at it but this year I might give it another shot... maybe.
Happy Tuesday!


  1. I want one , it looks really cool! I HATE knitting, we did that for 6 weeks in D.T at school and I was the only one who still didn't know how to do it :(


  2. Knitting isn't that bad... well after 6 years I still havn't mastered it! So I know how you fell about still not being able to do it. What's D.T??
    Marian x :D

    1. Usually its Design and Technology but our school does Design and Textiles. Which basically is learning how to sow,diffrent stitches,knitting, making dresses and stuff like that. :)


  3. We don't have that at our school :(
    In first and second year (Year 7 and 8 in England, and in America seventh Grade and eighth grade (I think - I don't understand the US system!)) we don't even do Home Ec, but you can take it in third year so I'm doing an afterschool Fabric Skills class next year!! :D :D
    The dream catcher, by the way, is beautiful. Where did you get the feathers?

    1. Amm... some art shop I'm not exactly sure. Had them for ages. Thanks :D x


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