A little bit of randomness

I don't usually do this kind of post but I went on a bit of a shopping spree and can't help sharing what I got.

So to go through what I got:
Vintage storage box, I'm in the process of trying to redecorate my room. And I've also become obsessed with vintage, pastel and little pretty things. This also explains my new bed covers.
When I found these plum tights I couldn't help but get a bit over excited. I'd seen similar tights on Sunday Pancakes blog and absolutely loved them!
Shorts: what can I say, everyone needs a pair of denim shorts.
My weird and quirky necklace. It's kind of a rusty metal. I'm not exactly sure how to describe it but it has a cream stone, pink mini bead, cream fringe and metallic heart and leaf. I love it!
And down to my favourite purchase: my shoes:

They're converse style (but not the brand) and I always have to buy a new pair every time I go shopping, I live in my converse so this is another one to add to my collection!
So should I stick to my original plan of " all about books" or add a few randoms here and there?
Have a great weekend.


  1. Love the shoes they are so cool!


  2. Wow gorgeous shoes! And definitely stick in the "randoms"! The best blogs are the diverse ones :D


I solemnly swear to reply every time ^_^