The Secret Life of Bees

The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd is an incredible story about 14 year old Lily, a girl who grew up believing she had accidentally killed her mother. Her journey takes off when she runs away from from her abusive father after being arrested ( it's not what you think) and helps her housekeeper/fugitive escape from a hospital.
They end up living with a family who make and sell honey with a black holy Mary as there symbol on their honey pots. Lily recognises this from one of her mother's possessions and forms new identities for her and Rosaleen, her housekeeper.
It is set in the 60s in America where racism is a huge factor as black people begin to register to vote.
The descriptions, characters and plot make this book a honey sweet reading treat! ( see what I did there!)
It is a compelling story full of mystery, longing and love.
I found it easy to read with it being so sincere and honest. Maybe a little unrealistic but all the same a brilliant book.
I entirely recommend reading it.

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  1. Sounfs like a good book. From the picture of the book I thought it would be a non-fiction book about bee's!



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