What's Dirtier (a) your PHONE (b) TOILET seat?

Who guessed (a)? Nope it's (b). In fact you may be surprised to know that phones carry a WHOPPING 10 times more bacteria than toilet seats! Just think of how many times we, as teens, touch and use your phone, or flick through our friend's latest "pics" of them posing with a perfectly manicured finger pushed into their make-up caked cheek, wearing a nonchalant expression.
Now think of that as placing your hand on the toilet seat but ten times worse!
I hate to think of how much bacteria is sitting right now on this laptop!!!
Maybe your thinking there couldn't possibly be that much more bacteria on a phone! Well it's a fact. Opening a door with the handle then taking out your phone to check for messages, then going to the bathroom and washing your hands. Take your phone back out and then once again the bacteria is all over your fingertips again! It's a VISCOUS cycle!
Or else for instance, your sister hollers to you "AUNTIE'S ON THE PHONE!" you take the phone, right out of her hands, place it up to your ear with your mouth just centimetres away, breathing in all the germs from people who used it prior.
  One man actually contracted a disease from handling a phone. He stole it from an isolation ward in Uganda near the site of a recent Ebola outbreak. He shortly returned to the same hospital confessing everything. In the meantime, though, the owner of the killer phone had passed.
  You see the reason for phones having more bacteria than a toilet is not because they're handled too much (well that too) but because toilets are cleaned a lot more frequent. We tend to associate the bathroom with germs and therefore do our best to remove such organisms.
Now I ask you: "When was the last time you cleaned your phone?"
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  3. I wonder if you can clean phones...

  4. Thabk you very much Isabel and Hanifah!
    Lexie~ I'm sure you probably can with anti-bacterial wipes. Just don't go using water like some other people I might know....


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