Do You Believe?

There are many different religions out there, in this crazy world. And it wasn't until I joined blogger that I noticed these. I saw some bloggers were fasting for a month due to their religion while others have barmitzwahs coming up. I, myself am Catholic. I've been baptised, communicated and confirmed. I do go to mass often, almost every week. But I'm still not sure if He is there. I'm in no way a devout Catholic and going to mass was only because I was forced to. But that little question always lingers "Is there a God?"
It really does fascinate me more than anything to watch people who are so certain and think what if they're wrong?
A couple of months ago I visited Knock (anyone ever heard of it-- Mayo, Ireland?) and mass was on so me and my family slipped in, for what seemed like the longest ceremony ever. As per usual, my mind wandered, not even listening to the priest. I watched a few people scattered across this triangular room, as they bowed, their face contorted with concentration on their prayers. As the hour droned on and we queued for the Bread, one of the "Devout"who was standing in front of me, dropped to her knees and closed her eyes. Her tongue lolled out as the priest placed the Eucharist in her mouth. She then bowed as if she were kissing the Priest's Feet. I was a bit shocked. I am somewhat septic about the angel coming to Mary and her being a virgin and having a child. But the rising from the dead totally bewilders me. That's not possible is it? Was he like a zombie?
anyway I'm totally baffled. As for other religions like Jews, Muslims and Buddhists, I have no idea what they are about.
Possibly in another few years I might be taking this all back and insisting it's all real or maybe I'll have gone to science and become Atheist. I go to a Catholic school but there's a mixture of religions amongst us. With all these scandals including the one from a century ago, paying to go to heaven, It's a bit off putting. Though I would like to believe there are angels out there. Not the type form Becca Fitzpatrick's Hush Hush ( Well I wouldn't mind a certain Patch out there...) but guardian angels..
Another reason I'm a bit cynical is why does everyione refer to God as He? A female is very much able to be a God.
What's your view on all this???


  1. Hello! I'm awarding you... :)

    1. Thanks... I wonder what award...
      Marian :D x

  2. Hmm... I'm not so sure. I used to be Christian, but I wouldn't want to devote myself to something that may not even exist. I like to think that SOMETHING happens when we die and we don't just 'float' away into death with no feelings or anything. It's nice to think that we might turn to spirits and carry on living, but would you really want to live forever? And wouldn't it all get a bit too crowded?


    1. I know exactly what your saying! It can't possibly just end....


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