I can't believe it!

There is this annoying and yet so longing item zooming around cyber space. I was hit on the head with it back in July and a few times more it whacked me again. But now I've been hit straight between the eyes with it once more.
Its the Liebster Award!
All this is a result of Mary
Thanks anyhoo
Since I've done this before I shall not be tagging again and I really can't be bothered to go find that original post so tough.
My facts:
1) I have 4 names and a last name. The first 4 all begin with "M"
2) I cut my hand with tinfoil today!
3) I'm addicted to Haribo
4) I hate when people tell you they are following your blog when they are not!
5) My phone's screen cracked yesterday
6) I hate Fish.. the animal and the food
7) I really want to learn how to make and design clothes
8) I want to join a hockey team
9) I'd love to get my ears pierced three times in a row up my ear lobe
10) I'm starting grade 7 on the piano
11) I have only one sibling ... thank god!
Her Questions:
1. Chocolate or Vanilla?     Do you mean ice cream?.. then vanilla
2. Make up or natural look?   Natural, I don't wear make up that often
3. Favourite book author?    hmm... J.K Rowling!
4.  Favourite shoe style?    converse or heels!
5. One word to describe your personality?  complicated
6.  One reason for blogging? Coz it makes me happy.
7.  Favourite TV show as a kid?   First it was Barney, then came Pokemon
8. Reason for wearing crocks? (seriously why do people wear those things???) I don't wear them!
9. Favourite way to eat bacon? uhh.. through my mouth.
10. Ketchup or no ketchup with french fries? Lots of ketchup with CHIPS! (not the crisps)
11. Do you like tea or coffee? TEA!!! Hate coffee
Thanks Mary!!!

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  1. Urgh, I is disgusting.
    Love your answer to number 3...J.K. ROWLING FOREVER!!!
    I'm holding a contest to see who can make the best Everything Hermione blog button. Check out my blog for details.


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