My Fabulous Competition!

You may or may not have heard I am running a competition!
And this is an update on everything you need to know.
The Rules:
~You must be a blogger. No "ifs" "ands" or "buts" about it.
~I would appreciate it if you followed my blog
~You have to write a short story and create the cover for it
~it must be between 400 and 4000 words
~anyone exceeds this shall be disqualified MUWAHAHA!
~Closing date is 25th of October 2012
~please email to
~You must include these three words in your story
1) green
2) whortleberry
3) mysterious
~Your book cover for your story may be hand drawn, computer arted, or photographed
I've now, finally, created a button for it. Hopefully some kind person out there shall have the decency to stick it on their blog after the long hard hours I spent painstakingly making it *hint hint*
Best of luck
or should I say
may the odds be ever in your favour
(oh yes, I've just seen the Hunger Games)


  1. I'd be very interested in doing your competition. I'm not sure about the book cover though as I'm rubbish with doing that kind of thing.
    But overall it sounds like a perfect idea.

    1. Yayy!!! Can't wait for your entry!
      Marian :D x

  2. Hi, I'm new to this blog but am very excited about the competition :P Just wondering, should we send our story on word or on the actual email? :) Thanks!

    1. Hello to you too. Thanks for following, I hope you enjoy. Either way of sending, I don't mind. It's up to you!
      Marian :D x

  3. Did you get mine okay? I emailed it but you didn't reply..?


    1. Yep I did thank you very much for your entry. I will reply more in an email I will shortly send as to not give away anything from your story to other eavesdropping people....
      Marian :D x

  4. I am trying to enter but I might not have time :( Am trying though ;)


I solemnly swear to reply every time ^_^