The Night Circus ........ CAKE

I have created a cake inspired by the book the Night Circus. So whadya think?
I admit it does not look very professional but I think the taste makes up for that. It is supposed to be the circus tent with black and white stripes but the black turned out a little bit greyish. I blame my mediocre equipment. I don't even have an electric whisk (I had to hand cream the butter and sugar together - my arms are aching!)
For the Base ~ vanilla cake
you will need:
- 220g butter
220g caster sugar
4 eggs
tsp vanilla extract
280g plain flour + raising agent
1. Cream butter and sugar.
2.Add eggs, one by one.
3 Add vanilla.
4. Fold in flour.
5. Bake in an oven at 160*C for approx. 45 mins, until skewer come out clean. (tin~ circular cake/ cheesecake tin)
For the tent part ~ chocolate cake
you will need
150g dark chocolate
125g butter
150g caster sugar
3 eggs
55g plain flour
1. Melt butter and chocolate together
2. Add in the sugar
3. Stir in beaten eggs
4. Fold in flour.
5. Bake in 165*C oven for approx. 40 mins. (tin ~ 2 sandwich tins)
Putting it all together
Cover base with chocolate fudge icing (as above) and somehow cut the chocolate cake into a tent shape and plonk it on top of the chocolate covered vanilla cake. You can put more fudge icing between  the tent layers.
Cover cake with white roll out icing strips. Make sure to get them to the top of the tent, leaving a gap in between each one. Fill in the gap with black roll out icing. Make a flag, if you wish and prop it on top. With red icing write The Night Circus. And viola!

Happy Baking!



  1. I LOVE IT!!!!! As you know, I adore The Night Circus and this cake is just WOW. I recently made a tfios cake, which was fun to make, so I think I'll try this one next!

    1. Glad you like it! I, too, love that book. ^_^ x

  2. omg this cake is amazing!
    I changed my blog URL to:

    1. :) thanks.

      ...Another blog change?... thanks for letting me know ^_^ x

  3. Oh wow! This cake is amazing! I'm yet to read The Night Circus, but that cake is so good!
    I may try making one, I love baking cakes too!

    1. Thanks Sophie. Actually I'm not finished The Night Circus yet... I've been studying for tests for the last two weeks and have had no time to pick up a book other than physics and maths...
      Marian ^_^ x

      and who doesn't love baking?...


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