The best birthday cards are always edible

What do you mean you can't eat cards?

Of course you can.
Here is probably the coolest card/birthday gift ever.

All you need:
lots of chocolate
a big sheet of paper
and chewing gum

Assemble like in the picture:

"Dad! Please don't snicker
But I was in a time Crunchie
Organising your Birthday Gift!
Since I've quit my job I've been
Living on buttons; otherwise I would
rent you a private Aero -plane
For one of your Turkish Holidays, or
Maybe even an Orbit around the
Galaxy! But for now I am just
Your Smartie Pants Daughter! I seem
To get More Nuts every year, but you
Continue to be a true Golden oldie!
Enjoy taking Time Out to eat this card!
                                Love                  "

Or else you can phrase it like this, if you've never had a job.

"Daddy! Sorry but I was in a time
Crunch organising your Birthday
gift! I have no job otherwise I would
wispa off on a private, fancy
Aero -plane for one of your
Turkish Holidays, or maybe even an
Orbit around Mars or
around the Galaxy. But for
now, I'm just your smartie pants
daughter. You're a Golden oldie,
the best Dad I could ask for. You're
a Starburst! Happy Birthday!
Enjoy your card. Love           "

Personally, I like the second one best; better choice of sweets..... ^_^


  1. Oh this is just way too awesome! I'm totally gonna try this sometime – thanks! :D

    1. You should! It's so simple and sweet (excuse the pun.. hehe)
      Marian ^_^ x

  2. Wow this is such an imaginative and sweet (literally!) idea, I am deffo trying out with my chocolate-loving Dad some time

    1. ^_^ it is such a unique gift! I was thinking of changing around a few words and finding other chocolates for friends and other family members. x

  3. OMG my bestie's birthday is on Monday, why did I already buy her a card!? This would have been PERFECT! It is truly amazing :) Also slightly over excited at the fact that you're Irish, me too (snap!) You're literally one of two other Irish bloggers I have found :P
    Aoife xx

    1. HEEEY! Haha, you're the third blogger I've found that's Irish!
      Glad you like the gift idea, it's my birthday really soon too, I wonder if any one will get me this .... (HINT HINT!!!)
      Marian ^_^ x

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    1. Hi.
      Thank you, I will be sure to have a look, even if it is in India....

  5. I am and always be a foodie so I am very particular with edible birthday cards and I truly want to recieve one on my birthday.. ;-)

    Cheers from Phil


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