Virtual Hugs and Melting Crayons

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About a week ago, I decided to finally try this awesome arty thing that I've seen all over pinterest and we heart it.
All you need for it is:
~a canvas
~source of heat (hair dryer/ fire)
melted cool! I have seen it with the crayons in a row - the circle is stunning!
Melted Crayon Art
All you have to do is glue really good quality crayons such as crayola, to desired place and blast with a hair dryer. Or what's even better is sticking it in front of the fire, leaning against something - but be sure to put some paper under the canvas, you know for the wax waste.
For the one I did, I cut out 2 pieces of paper circled at the top an stuck it under the crayons to block the wax from that part. When I was finished and the wax was hard I removed those papers and replaced them with black paper in the form of 2 people under umbrellas. But I have no photos because there's a problem with blogger uploading system so sorry!!
But here's a few similar to mine:
If It Means A Lot To You
melted crayons
I just really love melted crayon art, okay.
Okay I can't exactly find the right one but basically it's raining colour and there is a man on one side under an umbrella and a woman on the other side under an umbrella and their both looking at each other.
Has anyone else tried this?
If you haven't then I highly recommend it! Even if your not one bit artsy it is sooo easy.
Happy crayon melting!


  1. Wow that looks amazing! I would LOVE to try it! :D :D :D :D

    1. I know right! Definitely try it! ^_^

  2. This is brilliant, I'm certainly going to be having a go at this next weekend!

    Liv x

    1. Let me know how you get on!! ^_^

  3. That sounds amazing, I've always wanted to try this!

    1. It's incredible, you should give it ago! :D x

  4. Wow, that's awesome, and congrats on your 55 followers :) x

  5. Hi Marian, absolutely love your blogs!!! please check out mine

    1. Thanks, I will be sure to visit! ;D x

  6. Wow thats so cool, I've seen crayon art on Pinterest and Instagram and have always wanted to try it! Hope the blogger thing gets fixed soon I really want to see it!!
    - Rachel

    1. I know right. It looks amazeballs!
      But blogger still hasn't fixed the button. I'm literally screaming at the screen!!!!
      Marian :D x


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