What I've been up to

So this summer I took up a new hobby, cross stitch.The first thing I think of when i hear anything with a needle is Grannys but I'm a teen and I actually like this. Here is my first completed project
And now I'm currently working on a multi-coloured hippie bag. A bit of a jump from a few letters to a whole bag. Hopefully it works out.
While I was out shopping I came across this incredible chocolate stall at a market. Everything looked so good but best of all was the piano chocolate. I was so excited I couldn't stop saying oh my gosh! I really love my piano so to me it was worth buying a whole packet full.
Now I really want to buy a piano mold. That would be so cool.
I also completed my blog button. This took me ages to get right. A lot of the codes I used wouldn't work but I finally got there.
You can grab my button from the sidebar. Leave me a comment so I'll take your button in return
Have a lovely Thursday


  1. Piano chocolate! 0.o
    I really like your blog, you think you could add the little follower widget so I can follow you? Thanks :)

  2. Thank you so much Emily! I'm only just getting the hang of blogging so there's lots of thinks I don't know yet. :D


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