The classic Oreo Cheesecake!

Honestly, i don't usually like cheesecake but when i heard there was oreos in this one how could i resist. I found the recipe at home on an "oreo tasty treats" booklet and without hesitating i had my trusty wooden spoon in hand.

First step was crumbling 18 oreos and mixing it with 50g of butter. I then pressed it into the cake tin.

Mix 400ml of philadelphia original, 100g caster sugar and 1 tsp of vanilla essence. Add 3 eggs, one at a time. Then stir in 30g of plain flour and 100ml of sour cream
Add 4 crused oreos. Pour into baking tin and bake for 55 minutes at 160*C, then cool for approximately  4 hours in fridge before serving.


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