Being Irish

So this morning I got up and plonked me green hat on me ginger locks as usual. Followed by a cup of tea and a jig with the leprachauns. Me spuds are on the boil now as I sit and pour a pint of guiness for me Faa-ther. De cows will be comin' down soon with Mary and Paddy and we'll all put on our bit of shamrocks and head off for Sunday mass.

So that was a bit of stereotyped Irish that I had to google because I really didn't know what the stereotypes were. Apparently we say "jaysus" and "top of the morning to ya" ..... this is NOT TRUE!! I have never heard those words in my life except maybe the "jaysus" one from some farmer, but that hardly deems us all big families on farms that wear green.
Actually, I think most people try to avoid wearing green even though it is my favourite colour. But of course everyone will be wearing that bit of green today...... it's Paddy's Day!
What I don't get though is why our taoiseach goes all the way to america to celebrate "being Irish" when really it should be the American President who should come to us. On top of that, have you seen the Amercian parades????!!!! The local one here really isn't worth talking aboout ( Nil se thar moladh beirte!) It is absolutely embarrassing how bad our parades are. At least if you go to the city ones you'll probably have some craic but the small town ones are useless. And don't get me started on the McDonalds milkshakes that are now green. No thank you very much!
Like, I love being Irish with our beautiful rolling (green) hills and fabulous weather. Yes, I actually like our changeble climate. Last monday and tuesday it was snowing...... Yesterday and today I was working on my tan! But now I have been told I have an American accent!!!!!! UGHHH!!!.......
I blame the American tv shows and movies I watched as a child. I'm  not trying to dis the Americans or anything, I love ye and yer ranches and cool accents and shopping malls! But Ireland is turning into America. Our culture and uniqness is going. Is mor an trua e!
I think Paddy's Day is turning into a more American mocking Irish Day. Where did they some up with green hats and ginger beards and ridiculous leprachauns?? So you'll hear it from me, there is NO SUCH THING AS LEPRACHAUNS! And we all don't drink ott. Neither are we all red heads from huge families.So hopefully today there will be a bit of craic and laughter but I will still cringe at the sight of those huge green hats with schamrocks! :/

Happy St. Patrick's Day


  1. Happy Paddy's Day Marian, I love that Sminky Short clip :=)

  2. Thank you for your comment on my blog, I replied to you regarding your piercing if you want to go and check it out! :)

  3. I watched the clip and I had no idea what they were saying. were they speaking Irish??

    1. Hahhahahahaha!!! (chokes on own laughter)
      No of coarse not! That is the typical irish country accent. Specifically cork. Most people talk like that!!!!!!! I do sometimes too!
      (burts out laughing again)
      I'm actually in hysterics. Can you really not understand it!??
      Marian ^_^ x


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