Crafting Christmas Concepts

Are you trying to drop hints to your family about what you want for Christmas? Well, here's a really simple and effective way of getting across the message!

My Christmas Wish List!
1. Cut out a chunk of cardboard (I used a cereal box) and then cover it with wrapping paper.
2. Make a header. I drew it like a ribbon/scroll.
and then write your name.
(I also inked the sides to make it look aged)
3. Stick it to the top of your board.
4. Cut out a square of perty card and write Wish List with tip ex or marker.
5. Attach to board and write Christmas down the board.
6. Cut out lots of things you really want for Christmas from magazines etc. and clip them to the board using pegs or what ever is at home!
You can hang it in the hall so passer bys will glance at it and be inspired to get you a good present (for once).
Happy Crafting
P.S. There is still time to vote in the best Christmas movies of your choice. Keep scrolling down and you should find the post!


  1. Wow very creative! Do I spy a dog on that wishlist?

    1. Thank you very much!
      And yes, it is a dog, a mountain dog. It's crual that no one has ever given me what every child dreams of. It's simply child neglectance (sob)
      Marian :D x

  2. Love this fabby post!!
    I hate to be bothering you but would it be okay if you could give me your e-mail for the interview? Thanks a million.

  3. I nominated you for the What an Adorable Blog award!
    be sure to come check it out!


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