Knock, Knock

Who's there?  
Haha, those jokes are so almost as bad as the penguin jokes.
On a completely different note, I went to Knock yesterday! It is a holy place in county Mayo in Ireland. My school year was on a retreat so we had to leave at 7:30 in the morning to make it there for 12. Bus ride was fun where Alanna, Shana, Rebecca and me played the truth and dare app for a few hours. One of the dares was to let someone do my hair:
Never again!
   We began in a candle lit room where we wrote a letter of prayer, then we went to the museum.There, there was a imitation of the cottages the people who saw the apparitions would have lived in. We went into one of the imitation work places where a recording was being played and a furnace burning. Rebecca was sure someone was hiding behind it so we creeped around the corner as this old man rattled on about the harvest from the stereo in the corner. Next thing Alanna screamed and we went running out, yelling at the top of our voices.
You probably don't find it as funny as it was. I guess it's have to be there  thing!

Anyhoo, have a great weekend!
(and happy 17th birthday Rebecca)


  1. I love truth or dare apps, but only ones with proper truths and dares! >:) x

  2. Me and my friends have had a lot of fun with those apps!

  3. Yeah, they're great craic!
    Marian :D x
    (I'm not sure if some people understand "craic", it means loads of fun)


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