It's almost Halloween!

Over at Everything Hermione, I came 3rd in her latest (and first) competition! Here is my entries:
What do you think?
On a completely different topic, What do you think of Halloween? Do you go trick or treating, out to discos or invite friends over and watch scary movies until 4 in the morning?
I love the idea of making a costume then going to s fancy dress or something. Where  I live the neighbours always have fireworks and you normally end up with a few stray dogs on your doorstep. This year I'm still undecided as to what to do. I can't wait to start decorating the house. We have a pumpkin this year called George. Last year the pumpkin was Fred (anyone make the connection?). I'm hoping to have something like this on our porch:
The wicked witch is gone!
OMG! This is hysterical! I love it! :) HAHA!
Disclaimer: both photos were found on Pinterest
Happy Halloween!


  1. Hi Mars,
    I have a creative writing competition on my blog and I'd love if you could gtake part.
    It's all in the September section so you'll get all the details on that.

    1. Hi Mars,

      You were the runner up in my writing competition! There are some great prizes waiting for you! -

    2. Abbie- I will prob be entering. Haven't a clue what to write on though!
      Sophie- Yay! Thank you!!!

  2. That looks really awesome! I hope you put pictures up of it when you have done it! I know I'm a bit slow but I don't see the connection?! Lol! It's killing me to know :D


    1. I know doesn't it. I'm finding it hard to get the legs to stand up straight but I'll think of something!
      Oh yeah- fred and george are the twins in Harry Potter... kinda obsessed.
      Marian :D x


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