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Regarding my Writing Competition, I have ingeniously made a new AND IMPROVED button for the competition. And if you would be ever so kind as to display it on your sidebar, even if you are not entering. I shall be eternally grateful. I do say, it looks a lot chirpier than my former one. In fact my last button was rather boring and dull. Actually it was more than dull it was down right awful. Do NOT go searching for it!!! (grimaces in humiliation)
So maybe I should go through the rules again (as to not give a link so no one can see the ugliness of the button)
1) Write a short story about anything. But it MUST include at least one of the following words:
2) You must create the cover of that story as if it were a book. This may be hand drawn then photographed OR computer arted OR you take the photograph your self (so also a bit like photography competition as well)
3) Email to
4) Closing date 28th October
5) (SUR) Prizes are via post along with probably an interview or guest post or I'll think of something.
Good Luck!
*Due to lack of entries closing date is now changed to Halloween! Furthermore, if there is no more entries I will still give the prizes to who already entered but there will be no placings*


  1. Hi Mars,
    I'll try my best to enter your competition.
    Just to let you know that I changed my link to

  2. Cool! I'll enter!
    what are the pizes?

  3. Amy-Anne ~ Thank you!! I like it too!
    Abbie ~ yeah, that's grand. No worries if you can't though.
    Shakira~ Yay, another entrant! Prizes are a SURPRISE! I have to check out what is allowed to be sent by post, first and then both first place will each have an interview. Also their story/cover posted! Good Luck!
    Marian :D x

  4. I've already entered; mwhahahah!!! Oh, and I love the new button :)

  5. Hello Mars,
    I'm book obsessed too! I'm not gonna
    enter even though I love writing but I think
    your blog is FAB and you have very original ideas...
    please could you visit my blog at,
    It would make my day!...
    Signed Geekling. x
    P.s- I'm friends with one of your followers, Gjam. x


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