Because I am a Girl

I am recognising and supporting Girl's International Day. Last Thursday (October 11th) was the first ever Girls International Day.
A campaign was held by Plan where by thousands and thousands of people signed a petition and last year the United Nations declared October 11th to be Girls International Day. This day creates a foundation to advocate and recognise girls' rights globally.

Do you go to school? Are you entitled to an education? Well then, if you are, you are the one out of three. Those two other girls are denied an education. As you sit in class you raise your hand to answer a question. Now I ask you this question : Are you in support of Girls Rights? Do you believe every girl deserves and education?
I know, I raise my hand.
Did you raise yours?

Raise your hand for Girls! International Day of the Girl 11th October 2012


  1. I do!! It's really good you did a post on this as I didn't know anything about it and now I do! I'm supporting! Love this post xxxx

    1. Thank you. I'm glad to see you taking an interest!
      Marian x


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