Teddy Bear Cake

I made a Teddy Bear Cake!!! Isn't he just the cutest thing ever? He is so adorable that it was torture trying to cut a slice. I'm really happy with how it tuned out. I love making themed cakes so I was thinking about valentines when this idea popped into my head. Initially I was going to make a heart cake but that's a bit too cliché. So instead I made a cuddly and incredibly yummy teddy bear.

~525g soft butter
~525g caster sugar
~9 eggs
~2tsp Vanilla Essence
~670g Plain Flour
~2tsp baking powder
~6 tbsp milk

1. Cream butter. (yeah there is a lot of butter)
2. Add sugar and cream butter and sugar together.
3. Beat in the eggs, one at a time.
4. Add the vanilla essence.
5. Fold in flour.
6. Divide the mixture into 2 sandwich tins, a slightly bigger round cake tin and 6 muffins.
7. Bake the muffins for 20 minutes. Bake the sandwich tins for 30-40 minutes. Bake the cake tin for 40 to 50 minutes. All at 170*C.

Place all the pieces together as in the picture. I cut off the muffin tops to make them flat. Using a piping bag and some chocolate butter cream I filled in the "hairy" bits. With icing sugar, water and yellow food dye I filled in the tummy, mouth and ears. I used buttons and sugar balls for making his face and paws.

So that's my latest baking craze and destruction of the kitchen (sorry dad!). It was really fun but took ages! What do you think of him?
Happy Valentine's!
Marian ^_^  x

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